I call this a diary rather than a blog. It's the page where I add or link to new stuff with content arranged in date order, rather than where I regularly write short pieces on what I'm doing… although some of this does read rather like a blog.

National Indoor Hockey Junior Club Championships

A memorable day at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre in Nottingham for all the right reasons as Harleston Magpies were crowned Under 18 National Indoor Hockey champions.

Suspicious Translations

I'm getting repeated requests to link to an Estonian translation of my CV. Sadly, I find this to be very suspicious.

Workshops, Bar Camps and Stopwatches

One of the things I do as part of my work is to organise workshops. Having done this 8 times now, I thought I'd share some key experiences that seem to work well. Firstly: keeping to time. This isn't hard but does seem to be rare (which I find frustrating and, on some occasions, downright rude). Secondly: bar camps. These are a terrific way to end the event on a high with people fired up and ready to put new plans into action.

Excuses, excuses

People do like to find excuses for not doing something they just don't want to do. In the case of opening public sector information, so that the people who have paid for it can access it, the excuses are entirely predictable and wholly unconvincing.

The Chaos of English Pronunciation

Gerard Nolst Trenité

A recent posting on Facebook alerted me to an old poem, the Chaos, by Gerard Nolst Trenité (1870-1946). I later found out that this is something that has vexed W3C colleagues for a while, several of whom have recorded their versions - I leave it to them to share or not. Having made a living as a voice over in a previous life, I couldn't resist the challenge.

The Linked Data Challenge

In a Lisbon hotel bar recently I faced a challenge, one that in my job I really ought to be able to rise to.

I Choose Who I Link To

I had an e-mail asking me to remove a link from this site to another. A lot of Web masters are receiving such messages. I hope you will join me in treating such e-mails with contempt.

I'm not a convert

Jaclyn Glenn

This is a train of thought that's been evolving in my head for over 40 years. Time to give it some online expression. It's my explanation for why I'm an atheist and why I've been one ever since I was a child.